Zero Weight Scrunching Lotion (8.5oz)

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HI-RES zero_weight.jpg

Zero Weight Scrunching Lotion (8.5oz)


Control and Define Curls, Waves, and Small Bends without Adding Weight.

Sahag Zero Weight Scrunching Lotion tames and define curls with its light weight blend of conditioning herbal extracts and natural collagen to support the natural structure of the hair. Zero Weight adds versatility to your hair routine. Go from weightless curls to a slick back style. Whatever style you choose, your hair’s shape and shine are emphasized for a beautiful finish.

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Styling Tips

Use to control thick, coarse, curly hair and style thick, coarse hair smooth.

To add texture to thick coarse hair, scrunch with a diffuser or heat lamps.

Pair with 3D Gel to exaggerate the shape of the curl or scrunch.

Great for achieving a slick look or combing and shaping the hair into any style.