Revitalizing Drops (2oz)


Revitalizing Drops (2oz)


Revive Your Hair With Just a Drop.

Made with a special blend of light weight silicones an UV absorbers, Sahag Revitalizing Drops are a true antidote to damaging chemicals, drying activities, and everyday stressors. A few drops of this will renew the texture of all hair types and reveal its natural beauty. With each use, Revitalizing Drops breathes life into dull hair leaving it healthy, shiny and strong.

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Styling Tips

When applied to permed, colored or highlighted hair, you will bring it back to life

To protect from heat styling tools, add 2-3 drops to wet hair.

For thick, coarse curly hair, apply a fingertip amount to the palm of your hand and spread through with your fingers or use a wide comb.

Great for working with “up-do’s” to separate sections with your fingers.