The John Sahag Workshop is dedicated to providing each of our clients with outstanding service and with the highest standards of ethics. By focusing on excellence, we aim to impart our philosophy of improving our industry and environment by creating an inspiring, stable, and soothing atmosphere within the salon. 
Being a name synonymous with the innovative Dry Cut technique, we are dedicated to discovering new limits in hair design and employing the latest innovations in hair color and care. We believe our clients deserve a 'magical' experience each time they encounter our Workshop and we are dedicated to extending incredible service to all of our clients so that they may feel like honored guests in our Workshop. We strive to work with our clients until they are satisfied and do everything possible to meet their needs. 
"My aim in life is the true essence of creativity in my craft, love and honesty to the people of the world, and to be a decent human being." -John Sahag