My passion for beauty came to life while I was in Junior High School. For years, after school, I volunteered as a beauty assistant at my sister's beauty salon. Years passed, and eventually I graduated college with a Bachelor's degree in Liberal Arts and although I appreciated my education, I always felt there was a missing piece in my life - inventiveness. To pursue my love for the arts, I took a leap of faith and enrolled in beauty school. I've always loved art and the creativity it takes to create new forms - everything that hands can create. I am fascinated by the challenge of creating something new. 

I've been working in John Sahag Workshop for the past 10 years - four years as an apprentice and six years as a craftsman, and what a wonderful experience it has been. I love how the Sahag Dry Cut technique allows me to create dramatically new forms. The education that I received in the salon as an apprentice has been incredible, and the training i received in my apprenticeship taught me to be fearless in my creations.