I discovered my passion and love for hair during my early teenage years after moving to America from the Dominican Republic. However, for many years I had to hide my passion from my community due to their negative views of hair professionals. Those views forced me to change careers and I began working in an office. By my early twenties I saw myself regretting working in an office atmosphere. It wasn’t until a friend who knew my creative side convinced me to follow heart and do what made me feel happy.

Within a year, I enrolled in beauty school and began working in a prestigious salon. While working at the salon, I learned a great deal which helped expand my knowledge and gain a great deal of experience. Although I had learned so much, I spent an extended amount of time working as an assistant because I feared I wouldn’t make it in this business.  I have always encouraged and pushed myself to do better, but I never thought I was truly capable of being one of the best. Seeing my potential, Eiji convinced me to overcome my fear and show the world what I am capable of. His words of encouragement and motivation helped me surpass all my fears and obstacles and become the talented person everyone saw. The more I shadowed Eiji, the more motivated I became to master my skills and learn more. 

Today, the beauty industry is no longer a scary and intimidating world as I once thought. I’ve witnessed my skills raise people’s spirits and change their lives, which makes me love what I do more than anything. Making someone happy and beautiful has motivated me to continue to challenge myself and learn more about this amazing industry.