Amanda Egusquiza started her career as an apprentice under her mentor Michael Murphy, an internationally renowned colorist. His technique to enhance, brighten and deepen color inspired Amanda to challenge herself and succeed at her work. Michael’s unfortunate passing changed her life, and though he is no longer here, his light will always shine on her. She is forever thankful. Upon his passing, Amanda was able to establish herself as a colorist where she enhances any look with vibrant colors for a variety of clients that includes celebrities.

Given the opportunity to visit Japan, Amanda colored models for a dry haircut exhibition. This experience was pivotal to her growth in the profession. She has a passion for helping clients achieve the most complimentary contemporary and traditional colors, also using peroxides and lighteners. She loves working in a creative environment with fabulous people. She's always willing to learn something new and always pushing boundaries.

She explores the world of color. Color is her craft.