John Sahag was touted by the fashion industry as one of the top 15 greatest stylists and the world's most sought-after commercial and editorial artist. While styling hair for editorial, John noticed that once the model's hair was dry after a cut, it was easier to taper the shape. Attempts to perfect shapes for the camera led to the Sahag Dry Cutting Method. Truth be told, he didn't know he had created a revolutionary style of his own until he actually opened The John Sahag Workshop on Madison Avenue in New York. What he did know for certain was that the Sahag Dry Cut had put the art back into the hairdresser's hands.

The Sahag Dry Cutting Method captures the hair's intended shape in a process that reveals the person's beauty with a unique and timeless look. At Sahag Workshop, the legacy of this craft continues with ongoing education available through our Sahag Academy Program. Learn the skills directly from our master craftsmen in this unique hair academy program.

Hands-On Courses

Each course gives you an in-depth understanding of the Sahag Dry Cutting Method. As you advance through the program, you will learn how to achieve beautiful styles with different hair textures, shape short hair and create elegant up-dos. 

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Associate Craftsman Course (Required)

Five 2-day classes -- $700/2-day class

  • Fundamentals of Sahag Dry Cut

  • Learn How to Visualize Shape by Analyzing Hair Properties

  • Sahag Sectioning to Guide the Cut

  • Scissors and Scissoring Technique

  • Finishing and Styling Tips

Craftsman Course (Optional)

Four 2-day classes -- $900/2-day class

  • Review of Fundamentals

  • Advanced Layering Techniques on Straight and Curly Hair

  • In-Depth Shaping and Tapering Cuts

  • Shaping Short Hair

  • Finishing and Styling Tips

*MUST complete Associate Craftsman course and receive approval from educator before taking this course.

Master Craftsman Course (Optional)

Three 1-day classes -- $700/day

  • Unique Cutting Techniques for Advanced Shaping - All Hair Types

  • Creating Edgy, Flattering Shapes

  • Advanced Finishing and Inventive Up-Dos Including Sets, Chignons, Etc.

  • Sahag Show/Stage Styling

*MUST complete Craftsman course and receive approval from educator before taking this course.

 2019 Class Dates

Associate classes are given every 2nd Sunday & Monday of the month.

August 11 & 12

September 8 & 9

October 13 & 14 

Advanced classes are given every 3rd Monday of the month.

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